What is an online memorial website?

AlwaysRemembered.com memorial website allows family and friends to celebrate the life of loved one who has passed away by creating a biographical timeline, sharing stories, leaving condolences, compiling photo and video albums in honor of their memory. Everyone can share in treasured memories wherever they are in the world. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential for individual healing and for future generations

How much does it cost an AlwaysRemembered.com Memorial website cost?

We believe every life is special and should be remembered free of any advertisements, we hope our users believe so as well and help sustain this special community. Contributions and donations are always welcomed.

We invite you to create a memorial and try our service free for 14 Days. If you decide you would like to continue with the memorial you will be asked to pay the one-time fee of $55.00. (No Payment information or credit card is required to start a memorial)

How long does it take to get started?

It takes less than two minutes to create the basics of the Memorial website. After that, you can continue to add and edit content at any time over as much time as you'd like. The entire process has been made automated and user-friendly which allows you to continually add to your memorial website over time.

Do you submit my memorial to social media?

AlwaysRemembered.com will announce your public memorial on our Facebook and Twitter accounts only. A private memorial will not be announced. You may request a free announcement on our Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube by contacting us at Support@AlwaysRemembered.com

What is AlwaysRemembered.comTimeline?

AlwaysRemembered Timeline is customarily built, fully interactive software which allows our users to Share, Remember and recreate every step of their loved ones life journey in Chronological order. The entire process is simple and allows our users to use words, photos and video content to capture and describe each special moment during their loved one's life.

How to upload videos to Timeline?

Uploading a video to the timeline is simple and only takes a few minutes. The first step is to upload the video to YouTube then once the video is uploaded click on the add to timeline button choose the video tab, hit select media which will take you to a pop up asking for a URL or embed code. The simplest way is to directly copy the URL, for example, https://www.youtube.com/Alwaysremembered and paste it into the box and click submit. The second option is to click on the Embed button next to share and copy that code and paste that into the box and click submit. We have displayed both options below

Option 1:

Option 2

I still have more questions. Who can I speak with?

The best way to reach us is via email. Please contact us anytime at support@alwaysremembered.com with any questions.